CD and DVD Index

Index of Sanna Longden’s CDs and DVD/VIDEOS

Dear Friends: It may be confusing to know which of the five CDs go with which of the seven DVD/videos, and which of the 85 dances are on those products.  This is because the whole series began impulsively in 1990 with videos in an attempt to offer teachers a visual rendering of the written notes, and has enjoyably evolved through the next 16 years to the resources below. We hope these lists will help.


1.  CD #1 (red, purple, aqua),

Folk Dance Music For Kids & Teachers

a) Music for DVD/video #1 (red): Agadu, Bongo, Huayno, Sevivon,  (Tokyo Dontaku), Yesh Lanu Taish.

b) Music for DVD/video #2 (purple): Barnereinlender, Baztango, Paddle Dance, Te Ve’Orez, Yan Petit, Raj/Raas.

c) Music for DVD/video #3 (aqua): Highlife, Niˆka Banja, Seljančica, Tinikling, Tokyo Dontaku, Tzlil Zugim.

2. CD #1½ (red, purple, aqua),

Even More Folk Dance Music for Kids & Teachers

(those that are not on CD#1)

a) Music for DVD/video #1 (red): Bluebird, Good Old Days, Here Comes Santa in a Red Canoe, Hora (ÏTzenaÓ), Jingle Bells, Oh Hanukah, 12th St. Rag.

b) Music for DVD/video #2 (purple): Epo i tai tai e and Troika.

c) Music for DVD/video #3 (aqua): Aloha Kakahiaka, Bulgar, Servihassapikos, and YaÌabud.

d) Plus Ba La and Sasha.

3. CD #2 (green, cinnamon),

More Folk Dance Music For Kids & Teachers

All music on DVD/videos #4 (green) and #5 (cinnamon).

4.  CD #3 (white and blue),

Dances of the 7 Continents, vol. 1

All music on DVD/video #6 (white-blue)

5.  CD #4 (blue and white),

Dances of the 7 Continents, vol. 2

All music on DVD/video #7 (blue-white)


1.  DVD #1 (red),

Favorite Folk Dances Kids & Teachers

Agadu (Israel/Canada)

Bluebird (USA)

Bongo (W. Africa/Carib)

Good Old Days (USA)

Here Comes Santa in a Red Canoe (Hawaii)

Hora (Israel)

Huayno (Andes Mountains)

Jingle Bells (USA/Netherlands)

Sevivon (Hanukah dance)

Tokyo Dontaku (Japan)

Twelfth Street Rag (USA)

Yesh Lanu Taish (Israel)

2.  DVD #2 (purple),

More Favorite Folk Dances

Barnereinlender (Norway)

Baztango Esku-Dantza (Basque)

Bear Went Over the Mountain

Epo i tai tai e (HawaiÌi)

How Do You Dootee (Australia)

Paddle Dance (Québéc and others)

Pop Goes the Weasel (USA)

Raas/Raj (India)

Scratch (USA)

Te veÌOrez (Israel)

Troika (Russia)

Yan Petit/Jean Petit (France)

3.  DVD #3 (aqua),

Living Ethnic Dances

Aloha Kakahiaka (HawaiÌi)

Bulgar (Eastern European Jewish)

Highlife/Pandoga (West Africa/Carib)

Niˆka Banja/Duj Duj (Serbia)

Seljančica/Cigančica (Serbia/Croatia)

Servihasapikos (Greece)

Tinikling (Philippines)

Tokyo Dontaku (Japan)

Tzlil Zugim (Israel, Yemenite style)

YaÌabud (Israel, Arabic style)

4.  DVD #4 (green),

Maypole & Mexican Dances for Kids & Teachers

(Music for this is on CD #2)

 English Maypole Plaiting Dances

Circling or BarberÌs Pole

Spider Web

Simple Plaiting/Grand Right &Left

Double Plaiting

Diamonds in the Sky

Other English Maypole Dances

SellengerÌs Round

Gathering Peascods

Dances of Mexico

La Raspa (novelty)

La Raspa (traditional)

Los Machetes (stick dance)

Los Machetes (partner mixer)

Tonanzin/Huitzilopochtli (Aztec)

Irish Ceilidh Dance

Siege of Carrick

5. DVD #5 (cinnamon),

Historic & Contemporary Dances for Kids & Teachers

(Music for this is on CD #2)

Grand March (International)

Constant Billy (ancient Morris Dance)

Peopleton Stick Dance (Morris Dance)

Jenny Pluck Pears (17th c. English dance)

Sir Roger de Coverley (English/Colonial)

La Belle Catherine/The Muffin Man/

Pam & Pat Reel (18th-20th c. contra)

The Minuet (17th-18th c. English/U.S.)

El Vals de los Paños (Spanish Colonial)

Cotton-Eyed Joe (country/Tex-Mex)

Boot ScootinÌ Boogie (U.S. c/w line dance)

I Love a Rainy Night (U.S. c/w dance)

6.  DVD #6 (white and blue),

Dances of the 7 Continents for Kids & Teachers, vol. 1

(Music for this is on CD #3)

GustavÌs Skøal (Sweden)

Los Tachos (southern France)

Sicilian Tarantella (Sicily)

Alunelul (Romania)

Ach Ja (Germany)

Thady You Gander (Australia)

Bele Kawe (Carib/West Africa)

Debke (Arabic)

Hoy Nergis/Toi Nergiz (Armenia)

High Green Mountain (Taiwan)

Hashual (Israel)

El Juego Chirimbolo (Ecuador)

Canoe Dance (Native American)

Here Comes Sally (African-American)

Swing Dancing (USA)

7.  DVD #7 (blue and white),

Dances of the 7 Continents for Kids & Teachers, vol. 2

(Music for this is on CD #4) 

Diu Xie (Chinese-Tibetan)

Lo Ahavti Dai (Israel)

Pata Pata (South Africa)

TantÌ Hessie (South Africa)

Mexican Clapping Game (Monterrey)

Yakima Round Dance (Native U.S.)

I Let Her Go-Go (Trinidad & Tobago)

GoinÌ Down to Cairo (U.S. playparty)

Hoe Ana (Tahiti-Roratanga Islands)

Waves of Tory (Ireland)

Dva Pâti Nadjasno (Bulgaria)

Tsamikos (Greece)

OxDansen (Sweden)

La Boulangère (France)

Penguin Dance (Antarctica)

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  1. How do I go about ordering
    CD # 5 Cinnamon
    With Cotton eyed Joe
    And Love a rainy night
    On the play list?
    Sincerely, Rebecca Tester


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