Sanna’s Upcoming Events


Here’s My Schedule:
April 16-20 
Sanna’s residency at Madison School (grades K-2), Skokie, Ill.
Contact music teacher Lisa Sullivan, 317/258-6879. 
Family community dance on May 4.
April 26-29 
National Folk Organization (NFO) Conference in Tenafly, New Jersey, in conjunction with the New Jersey Spring Folk Dance Festival.
Besides dance workshops and parties, an ethno-choreologist will speak on dances among Native American tribes, and Asian and African ethnic groups.
April 30-May 4 
Sanna’s residency at Edison School (grades 3-5), Skokie, Ill.
Contact music teacher Megan Murphy, 847/989-6500, 847/966-6210. 
Family community dance on May 4.
June 18-22 
Summer Music Institute at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, sponsored by Interactive Music powered by Silver Burdett with Alfred.
Clinicians are Sanna and great music ed professors for an exciting week. 
Contact Lisa Runner, 828/262-8051,
July 24 or 25  Sanna is teaching during one of these days at the Kodaly Summer Institute held at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins.
November 1-4 
2018 Pourparler! 
Held this year in San Antonio.
This is a gathering for all those who teach all forms of dance–folk, traditional, ethnic, creative–in schools, studios, communities.
To share dances, music games, songs, concerns, and ideas. 

One thought on “Sanna’s Upcoming Events

  1. Hi, my name is Kim and I attended your sessions at the Mass. Music Teachers Conf in Boston. I was thrilled to be a part of your classes and was overjoyed at how much material I was able to go home with. I’m so excited to use this movement in my school.
    I was wondering if you did any kind of school presentation. I teach in a K-8 school in Malden, MA. What a thrill it would be to have you come and do a small program for these students. It would be an unforgettable experience.


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